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Pune Is Now Serving The Charcoal Ice Cream, Yes Black Is The New Food

Pune Is Now Serving The Charcoal Ice Cream, Yes Black Is The New Food

A couple of weeks ago I came to know that there is an ice cream that is black. Really, I was actually not prepared for it. No, I’m not a racist but little cute, colorful and adorable ice cream is now in black color.

Did you know?

  • Charcoal helps in whitening teeth
  • Charcoal helps in removing toxins from human body
  • Charcoal prevents hangovers
  • Charcoal is anti-aging
  • Charcoal reduces high cholesterol

elite pune charcoal powder

After researching and reading all the sensational, emotional and gothic reviews and benefits, I decided to give it a try. One bite with so many benefits (mentioned above) and it is now available in FC Road and Bibvewadi, Pune.

charcoal ice cream black ice cream

To locate this place, go straight from Goodluck Cafe towards Shivajinagar, you will find Amrapali Restaurant. Take a right turn and bang! you got the place.

About The Place

The place was crowded and there was no place to sit for pretty obvious reasons. People were enjoying their black ice cream (charcoal ice cream) out the famous IceKraft outlet. Luckily, we found a place to sit. However, the AC (Air conditioner) was not working and the floor was completely dirty. Otherwise, everything was perfect.

Let’s come to our baby, Ice cream was delicious and you can feel the taste of charcoal after every single bite. Again, the place was dull, no music and was not maintained well.

More Images of Charcoal (The black ice cream) ice cream:

black ice cream the charcoal ice cream (4)


black ice cream the charcoal ice cream (4)


How Much You Have To Pay:

Last but not the least, to have this Black Charcoal ice cream you have to drag your friends for 235/- Rupees. I had this last month that be in the month end. God save me! 😛

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