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Best Of The Food Places In Pune To Satisfy Your Craving

Best Of The Food Places In Pune To Satisfy Your Craving

*Note: You may fall in love the food items in this blog. 😛

If you are traveling to Pune or you want to satisfy your craving for food, you must check-out the below places. They just do not offer the best food in Pune but also delights you with their services.

Let’s not talk much and go ahead with drooling and mouth watering food places in Pune.

Misal Pav (मिसल पाव):

Starting with the staple food of Pune that is Misal Pav. If you love spicy food you must try it. Kata Kirr, Ramnath Misal and Bedekar Tea-stall are among famous Misal joints in Pune. You can also try local and street joints.

Famous Misal Pav

Pani Puri (पानी पूरी):

Ahh! one of the famous street foods not only in Pune but in india. Pani Puris are so mouth watering that while writing this blog my keyboard got slippery. 😀

Paani Puri Paani Poori

Jokes apart!

To get best Pani Puri you might want to try:

  • Kalyan Bhel (multiple places),
  • Jaishankar Pani Puriwala (Camp area),
  • Bhel gaadi (Near Aundh) and many other places.

Again, you can try local Pani Puri stalls.


If you are fed up with renown pizza joints like Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza then you must try the signature Kheema Pizza at Cafe Mestizo (Balewadi High Street). A perfect blend of kheema and thin crust. People who love thin crust pizza should give it a try.

Kheema pizza cafe mestizo

Box 8 also offers a perfect blend of chicken, cheese and the crust.

Box 8 Pizza Mojo Pizza


No this is not the end of the blog. Let’s not be rude to them.

Kit kat, Oreo and Chocolate Waffle:

What about the waffle filled with your favorite ingredients like Kit Kat, Oreo and Chocolate cream. This sounds like a dream but trust me this waffle is more than that. Bubble Bee (Aundh) offers varieties of waffle to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bubble Bee Waffle- Bubble Bee Pune

Additionally, Bubble Bee is not just a single place that offers such enticing things. There is Cafe Mestizo (Baner high Street) Oh Freak and Sweet Mess (both at FC Road), which are amazing as well.

Brownie With ice Cream and Hot Chocolate:

I told you may fall in love the food items listed on this blog. 😀

Chocolate Room, my favorite place. Chocolate Room (multiple locations), never disappoints your craving for a brownie, ice cream and hot chocolate. This is a decent place to spend time with your dear ones.

Chocolate Brownie- Chocolate Room Pune

Cafe Buddy’s Espresso also serves decent brownie with a scoop of ice cream and hot chocolate.

Chocolate Ice Cream Brownie


No, this is not a regular roll. This giant is filled with dripping Hummus, roasted chicken and spices. You can find delicious Shawarma at Marrakesh, Seven Shawarma & Burgers and much more. Marrakesh offers one of the best starters and biryani that you should give it a try.

Open Shawarma Marrakesh Pune

Dal Bati (दाल बाटी):

Do you love Rajasthani food especially Daal Bati? Then you must visit Baba Ramdev and Litti Chokha for a delightful Dal Bati.

Daal Baati and Churma

Sujata Mastani (सुजाता मस्तानी):

Can’t express the love, share a Mastani. It’s the summer time and to rehydrate your body try having Sujata Mastani.

Wait am I missing something! Oh yeah, it’s The Biryani.


Just like a Mango, king of fruits, Biryani should be a king of all foods. To have a best of the Biryanis you must visit:

  • S.P. Biryani House (Sadashiv Peth)
  • Blue Nile, Camp
  • Marrakesh F.C. Road (My Fav.)
  • Claypot (Kharadi)

Clay Pot Biryani kharadi

Do not forget to share your Biryani photograph. 😛

 Crazy About Chocolate Shakes:

If you love shake loaded with all the chocolate and goodness of coffee then you might be interested in visiting Oh Freak (FC Road) or Cafe Mestizo (Balewadi High Street) and Bubble Rush (MG Road).

Chocolate Shake at Cafe Mestizo

Oh Freak Choco Overload Shake

Bubble Rush Tea & Smoothie

*Note: If you are familiar with any famous food joint or place, kindly comment below. Also, suggestions are welcome. 🙂

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