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Pune’s First Food Truck Festival Review- What You Missed!

Pune’s First Food Truck Festival Review- What You Missed!

Hello Punekars, hope you enjoyed the drooling food offered by various food trucks at Food Truck Festival BalKrishna Lawns.

The fest was organized by Feast at Trucks in collaboration with Being Punekar, Tixdo, Make a Difference and Tasty Pune. Why was this fest special? Food trucks across the city were serving a wide range of cuisines including Pizza, Cheese products, Chicken items Desserts and much more. Everything you craved for was available there. 😛

Not just the food, there was live music and small shopping stalls. People were enjoying shopping and eating on the tunes of live music.

Let’s go straight to the food.


Dark Chocolate Lollypop:

It was like my favourite childhood toffee got an upgrade with the age. 😛

Being a chocolate lover I found it yummy and mouthwatering.

dark chocolate lollypop

Chicken and Cheese Grenade (Andaground Food Truck):

As the name suggests, this grenade was filled chicken and egg bhurji, topped with melted cheese and fried till its core. Yum!

Chicken and cheese grenade

Chicken and cheese grenade

food truck anda-ground

Hariyali Chicken Kabab (Truck Has No Name Food Truck):

This truck was inspired by the famous TV series Game of Thrones and had famous dialogues all over the truck.

During the time we ordered Hariyali Chicken Kabab, the venue got crowded. So, it took almost 30 minutes to get our order. Even after waiting for this long we got overcooked or extra roasted Kabab. It was dry and we could not able to swallow it. Totally not worth it.

Haryali Chicken food fest

Food truck festival

Dessert or Brownie (Way Down South Food Truck):

Soft, drooling and one of the amazing food items there. It was more of a choco-overloaded brownie. It was more than enough for one person.

brownie at food truck festival

brownie at food truck festival

Winding Up:

The event witnessed foodies around Pune. Due to the unwanted rain, we had to leave early and we did not try the vegan pizza offered by one of the food trucks. Overall, it was a great initiative taken by the management and all food truck owners.

Other Food Trucks:

yummistry the frozen lab

pizza food truck

Food truck festival

Share your memories and let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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