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Misal Pav At Mahalaxmi (Kothrud) That Eases Your Soul

Misal Pav At Mahalaxmi (Kothrud) That Eases Your Soul

Now I must agree with the famous quote that says”Good Food Good Mood”!

Mahalxmi’s special misal has created a lot sensation on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. A lot of foodies also reviewed it one of the famous and delicious misal places in Pune. So, Elitepune decided to explore this place with an empty stomach and full of hopes. 😛

This article consists of:

  • Drooling food images 😛
  • Location
  • Food (misal obviously)
  • Ambiance
  • Price
  • Service

People who don’t know about what misal is? It is a popular Maharashtrian dish consist of misal (hot spicy sprouted moth beans) and Pav (Indian bread).


Hotel Mahalaxmi is not hard to find out. It’s on the right side behind Shivaji Putla if you are coming from Deccan. Refer image below.


For more precise directions click on the link: Google Map


We went during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and got an amazing surprise, they were serving unlimited misal! Can you imagine how it feels, when you get your favourite food at a reasonable price?

Hotel Mahalaxmi Misal Pav- Kothrud (1)

Let us come to my favourite part, Misal Pav! I really like their concept of special misal. Special! now you know why it’s special. I would say it was overloaded meal, misal was perfectly spicy with added sprouts and sev.

Hotel Mahalaxmi Misal Pav- Kothrud (1)

They provided everything separately so that you can customize your taste. To be very honest, I have never tasted such an amazing misal-pav before. The plate was loaded with Pav, Misal, Curd, Sprout, Rassa and Jalebi. Everything on a single plate, a wow factor about this place!

Hotel Mahalaxmi Misal Pav- Kothrud (1)


They have sitting arrangement inside and outside the hotel. Not much to say about ambience, you may not find fancy antique like 4 or 5-star hotel but it indeed offers the best misal.


Friends, I would say it was worth the price. Average price for two people is around Rs. 100/-.

Really affordable and a must try place for college students, colleagues throwing a party or family reunion.


Ah! our stomach was completely filled with the never-ending Pav and Jalebis. In other words, great service provided by Mr Kedar Natu (Facebook page) and Kaka (sitting at the reception sorry forgot his name) and the entire staff.

Hotel Mahalaxmi Misal Pav- Kothrud (1)

Finger Bowl:

What an amazing place! I really can’t express my feeling here. I never expected this place would offer such a great food and service at a much affordable price.

Hotel Mahalaxmi Misal Pav- Kothrud (1)

Try it out and let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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