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Daily Amazing Activities to Make you Happier and Smarter

Daily Amazing Activities to Make you Happier and Smarter


Getting smarter is not an overnight task. Learning never ends, there is no age bar for learning. People have different likes and dislikes, some of us are fond playing games, others enjoy singing with their instruments and others just like to sit quietly.

Below are some of the activities, if pursued can make you happier and smarter day by day.

Start your day with planning:

It is important to start your day with planning. Take time and list down five to eight important tasks for the day. People who plan their days ahead are happier and successful people. Prioritize your task, try to complete them in the given time.


Read Or Learn Something New:

Due to proliferation in the smartphones, we can read any piece of content and literature on a single click. Reading regularly broadens and sharpens your mind. Make your habit to read newspaper in the morning if not possible read something that entices you.

Learning is something that never ends. There are lot of things you might want to give them a try. So, start learning something new including language, music, musical instruments and much more.


Share Your Knowledge:

There is no point of learning if it does not motivate you to improve. Sharing or explaining knowledge helps individual to understand and process them more efficiently. Knowledge increases if you share it with more and more people. Sharing knowledge helps you grow, stay motivated, getting new ideas and much more.


Hangout With Interesting People:

Sharing and discussing with smarter people is one of the smartest ways to learn quickly. Try to spend as much time as; you never know when you learn something new. Be humble always and be willing to learn from them.

smarter people

Do Things That Bothers You:

Challenge yourself every day, do something that really bothers you. This will definitely do wonders to new areas of the brain. If you love singing and have learned a new song, sing it for a group of friends or maybe colleagues. Or if you are not comfortable you can upload it to YouTube and share it with your friends. It will also help you to overcome a stage fear.


Exercise And Eat Healthy:

Exercise daily for at least 30-45 minutes can make you happier and smarter. Starting your day with healthy breakfast along with exercise improve your overall well being. It is important to have your meals at a proper interval of time. Always be prepared for next day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Sit Quite For Sometime Or Meditate:

Sit quietly in silence sometimes do wonders to your brain. It is important to recharge your brain’s energy. Relax and sit aside, take 5-10 min after of before bed time and relax your mind. Meditation helps in knowing your true self-relieving stress and calm. You don’t have to be an expert to do this.


Learn a Musical Instrument:

Learning a new instrument is similar to learning a new language but it is more effective and efficient if started at early age. Strumming you guitar at least once in a day can your cognitive skills. Also, it activates the both sides of your brain that helps in better execution of a problem or a task.

Do not just learn; make sure you are practicing with your instrument as often as possible. Learning by doing is something that is most effective ways to become smarter and happier.

learn new instrument


Photography is an art of making memories out of your life. It is addictive and brings out the creative person from you. Photography gives you instant pleasure, unlike other hobbies. If you are an artist or painter you have to wait till it not finished. Whether it is a long exposure or an instant click it makes you happier with every click.


Final words

There are other lots of activities that make you happier, smarter and productive in your personal and professional life. You deserve time for yourself that requires a fraction of your time.

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