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Things You Can Do With Long Exposure Photography

Things You Can Do With Long Exposure Photography

Patience plays an important role in taking desired photography. If you love photography here are few surprising things you can do with long exposure setting. Long exposure photography has a potential to create amazing results. Silky smooth water, light trails, fire crackers and much more. They have one thing in common that is the long exposure.

Long exposure photography is addictive and gives you unique and artistic results. Below are some of my experiments with the slow shutter speed that includes light trails, silky smooth water effect, steel wool and lightening effects.

Silky Water Effect:

The smooth silky images of waterfall and oceans look splendid with long shutter speed. Use a tripod to get preferred result. Set your aperture to f/29, shutter speed 0.8 sec and ISO 100. This will give you perfect silky smooth effect. Silky smooth water

Light Trails:

Light trails look really beautiful. All you need is a busy street and constant source of light. Set your aperture to f/16 to focus the image. Set focus and start your shutter speed with 20 to 30 sec. For better results use longer shutter speed.


Light Trails



This is one of the challenging photographs to take. You have to wait for the perfect and decent photograph. Use shutter speed 15-30 for and aperture of f/8 and ISO of 100. Lightening


Be Creative and Paint with Light:

This can be done in various ways. All you need is dark plane glowing flashlights or sticks. Try to set your aperture f/11, ISO 100 and shutter speed in between 10 to 30 sec. You can use bulb mode for longer exposure.paint with light


Experiments with Steel Wool:

Steel wool give satisfying results. All you need is steel wool, a cable and a whisk and yes, cover your body with a hood. Settings to get the best result: Keep ISO at min 100, Shutter Speed between 5-15 second and Aperture: F/8.

Steel Wool
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