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Karla Caves Near Lonavala- Strong Architecture From An Ancient Era

Karla Caves Near Lonavala- Strong Architecture From An Ancient Era

What comes to your mind when someone says Lonavala during the monsoon season? Lush green view, beautiful roads, and emerging black clouds. During monsoon season, Lonavala is one of the places you can’t afford to miss.

So after a long hectic week and a working Saturday, I decided to explore places near Pune. And the first place that showed up on the internet was Lonavala. Lonavala is an approximately 60KM drive away from Pune with well-connected roads.

Karla Caves Lonavala
Karla Caves Lonavala

Little Background:

Karla Caves are built after cutting the mountain rocks during the Buddhist Era, which is said to be two thousand years old. It is a complex rock cut architecture of ancient India. The cave is well decorated with sculptures of women, men, and animals.

carving on the walls of Karla Cave Lonavala


To reach Karla Caves from Pune, we took old Mumbai highway via Khadki. From there this cave is around 60km with a pleasant road.  There was no traffic as we started a bit early.

The Journey:

It was Sunday and we (my sister and me) were too excited to visit this place. Hungry and riding for 30 min we stopped at one place to have our breakfast. Idli and Medu Vada with Sambhar and Coconut chutney. It was not a hotel or a famous restaurant but they served hot and fresh Idlis and Vada.

Idli Wada Sambhar on the way to Karla Caves

Fortunately, it wasn’t raining and we reached there in about two hours.  The roads were very narrow and steep. There was an entry fee of Rs. 15/person for Indian citizens and around 200/- for foreign tourists. There were shops along the way on both the sides. They were selling sweets, home decoration items, ornaments and food items. The place was crowded and people were celebrating with full zeal.

Boy playing musical instrument- Karla Cave Lonavala

After a small trek, we reached our destination Karla Caves. There was nothing to see in the initials ones. There were a hall and carvings on the wall.

Inside Karla Cave Lonavala

The main cave place of the monks is the room where monks used to meditate for hours. The cave is standing on the parallel pillars and the roof is made up of wood arches. The cave is beautifully crafted and was one of the beautiful among others.

main cave- karla cave lonavala copy
Main cave- Karla Cave Lonavala
Karla Cave
Karla Cave

These caves were built in 2nd Century BC. The reason why these caves have survived all these years because they are maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Carving on the wall of Karla Caves
Carvings on the wall of Karla Caves

We took few photographs and selfies too. These caves are well maintained and are proof of our strong architecture from an ancient era.

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