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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is method used to promote the brands and products with the help of electronic media. Internet is widely used to aim certain group of people for promotion and branding.


Digital marketing in not just limited to advertisement. Promotion, branding, link building and social media are some of the major fields. Name it and you will see the presence of digital marketing in it.  It targets specific sets of audience unlike traditional marketing that targeted audience as a whole.

Diversification Digital Marketing 2015

Growing With Time:

Digital marketing is never fading and rapidly growing trend among start-ups. Yes, digital marketing is most lucrative industry from past couple of years. It emerged as a marketing giant for various industries who adopted it. In 2012 digital marketing industry accounted for about USD 62 billion.

Mobile Marketing:

In the previous year, there were around 116 million smartphone users in India only. It is expected to reach around 234 million by 2017. Additionally, approximately seventy percent of the traffic generated was through smartphones and tablets as compared to desktop.

Why Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing has various field of expertise including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Email marketing, social media and countless more. According to study, Digital marketing industry is approximately USD 62 billion as of 2012 and counting.

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